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Wow! Just...wow!

Started watching Friday Night Lights because of this LJ post: http://thisisbone.livejournal.com/156674.html

I'm not even done with the 2nd episode and I just love this show! The characters are real, the scenes are well shot. This is the first show that I could believe is actually set in the "real world"!

Gotta admit though, I'm the type of person who immediately starts slashing characters even before watching the show. I was already thinking of Matt Saracen/Landry Clarke (best friends forever) and Tim Riggins/Brian Williams (mortal enemies). But after watching this show, I still like the BFF pairing, but I love Tim Riggins/Jason Street more! Tim played the vid of Jason Street getting hit, and started crying! I mean, the guys must feel something for Jason! And and and...he hated Brian sitting in Jason's booth! And, he said something to Jason about living on Jason's land and just...I can imagine these two together years from now...living together and LIVING together :D! I hope someone writes that fic! I want something like destina's Brokeback Mountain AU (Jack doesn't die) fic!

Tim seems like the type I'd like, he's got the long hair and gorgeous body and bad boy vibe going, but, amazingly enough, I LOVE Jason Street. He's injured and everything, and he's gotta be worried about his future, but he's still thinking of Tim Riggins, and Matt Saracen (who took his place on the team!), and disappointing the coach! I don't normally like the good guys, I mean, I hate Cyclops, I like Sepiroth more than Cloud, but I LOVE Jason Street.

Which, well, brings me to my next point, I hate the girls! At first, I liked Tyra's reaction to Lyla's clingy gf act, but, when she was so obviously not loyal to Tim (and how can she not be??? Could the guy not be that great in bed?), I just started not liking her. And then, there's Lyla...I got spoiled on a community about the fact that Tim and Lyla kiss, and I just...you're boyfriend's in the hospital and you're kissing other guys! Tim is more loyal than she is (OTP alert :D)! But hey, maybe I need to watch it in context. But, even without the kissing other guys part, I don't like the clingy gf thing she's got going. That pretty much turns me off.

I love the coach and his wife! It's nice to see an older couple who still love each other and are MARRIED TO EACH OTHER on tv! Not a lot of that on tv shows!

I love this show I already pimped it to two friends :)! I cannot believe more people are not watching this. Maybe it does need to be on a different network (CW ;) ) like moosesal said (http://moosesal.livejournal.com/292201.html).

Just an amazing show!


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