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I wish I had started watching The Sing-off season 3 earlier as I would have added this to my Yuletide nominations and requests.

Started watching The Sing-Off not because of them though, but because of the YellowJackets from the University of Rochester. They did a remake of Taylor Swift's video You Belong To Me but since they're an all-male group, instead of girl wants boy, it became boy wants boy and it's glorious! Will do another post about that.

But going back to the Aires, these are my favorites:

1. This is pre-Sing-off. According to the description on the video: The Dartmouth Aires sing "All the Above" by Maino ft. T-Pain at Winter Whingding 2010. Soloists are Michael "Nemo" Odokara-Okigbo and Henry "Tyco" Luehrman.

2. Sing-off performance 5: Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida. Ignore the description. I don't think the uploader likes the Aires. 

First two have some similarities, including the soloists. I could listen to these two over and over and over again.

3. Sing-off performance 6: Queen medley which is amazing! Again, ignore the description :).

I have loved all their performances so far and hope they win! The chemistry and group dynamics between them is also amazing to see. Makes me want to be an Aire too, even though I'm entirely the wrong gender!
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I'm so happy you're writing in at least one of the fandoms I've nominated! Thank you so much for signing up. These are pretty rare fandoms and I'll be very very happy with a fic in any of these.

Please see my previous Yuletide letter here for more information about some of my general likes and dislikes.

Do Começo ao Fim | From Beginning to End (2009)
Thomás / Francisco

You can write me anything about these two and I'll be happy. I would love anything from scenes set during their childhood to a future fic. You can keep it light (as the movie doesn't really tackle the ramifications of sibling incest) or make it darker (and more realistic, tackling sibling incest and how it affects the others around them). Do they ever come out to Thomas' father? Do they ever come out to their friends? Or maybe they decide to migrate to some other country where they can pretend they're not brothers? Or something when they were kids. How worried was Pedro about the relationship between the two? How worried was Julieta? Or just more fluffy scenes set when they were younger :). Or write more about how they got into a relationship with each other. What was Thomás thinking? Francisco? G to NC-17, your choice. Though, if you write about their childhood, please keep it G-rated :).

Before Supernatural and Numb3rs, incest was one of my squicks. But, fanfic has a way of changing your mind. So when I heard there would be a mainstream (though not American or British) movie with incest as the theme, I became very interested. I saw the stills from the movie as well as the trailer before it was released. I wanted to see how they would tackle the thorny issue on incest. The movie didn't quite deliver on that but I loved the first part (with Thomás and Francisco's childhood). As an escapist movie, this works as it has a happy ending. As someone who generally wants films that are realistic though, this didn't work. However, don't feel pressured to make a fic that deals with the issues inherent in an incestuous relationship. A happy, escapist fic would also be fine with me. 

Wiki page here and IMDB page here.

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros | The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros (2005)

I would prefer to read future fic. Do Maxi and Victor end up together despite what Victor did? If they do, how are they able to deal with it? If not, is Maxi happy (I hope the answer is yes :))? Is Victor? While watching the first part of the movie, I thought Maxi and Victor would end up together in the future but Victor's actions made it impossible for me to think that their relationship would end up happily. If you're able to figure out how to do this, I will love you forever :). But, this isn't required and I'd be happy however the story takes you. Reading even one fic set in this movie would make me ecstatic :). 

Though I prefer future-fic, if that doesn't inspire you, please don't fret :). I'll also be happy with a fic set before the movie (why are Maxi's relatives fine with him the way he is given that Pinoy men in their situation are usually macho and homophobic?) or set during the movie (more scenes with Maxi interacting with the other characters would also be nice).
Any rating from G to NC-17 is fine. No preferences here.

I don't generally watch Pinoy movies as they aren't really my type. But I made it a point to watch this when it aired as it tackled homosexuality in a non-exploitative way. I had issues with the writing (there were certain areas that could have used a heavier red pen) and the way it was shot, but I did enjoy the story and the acting, especially by the actor who played Maxi, was really good. If you haven't seen this yet, I hope you try to watch it even if you're writing fic for the other two movies instead. 

Wiki page here and IMDB page here.

Rag Tag (2006) 

I really would love anything in this fandom. Anywhere from pre-movie to during the movie to post-movie would be fine. Some ideas (or questions) though: Set pre-movie or in the earlier parts of the movie: How did Raymond and Tagbo end up friends? How'd Raymond get his nickname? What was Raymond's home life like before he was sent away? How did both deal with living away from each other? I would also love to read future fic. Did Tagbo's parents ever accept their relationship? How is their relationship with Olivia (who's an amazing woman)? Is Raymond able to find legal work? What are the myriad of difficulties with being POCs in London, as well as POCs from different backgrounds in a same-sex relationship? How do they handle these difficulties?

Any rating from G to NC-17 is fine.

I loved this movie as this dealt with POCs and homosexuality and still had a happy ending. It's obviously a low-budget movie and there were some scenes that made me cringe with regards to the acting but I enjoyed it and still watch it (especially the ending) again especially when I need a pick-me-up.

Wiki page here and IMDB page here.

I'll try to add more to this as time permits. I don't think any of these are available online for free but they are available through various sources :). 

Thank you again, dear yuletide writer, for picking one of my fandoms. I hope you enjoy Yuletide :).
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This is the fic I wrote for Yuletide: http://archiveofourown.org/works/142327. This is my first het fic which surprised the heck out of me :). I feel like writing more Daddy-Long-Legs fic but I want to write some other fic first. Hopefully I do get to finish one fic this year other than a Yuletide fic :).
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Just finished reading my gift: http://archiveofourown.org/works/137876. I love love love it! It's amazing and perfect and everything I didn't know I wanted!

I love Yuletide!
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Thank you so much for signing up! I hope my requests don't stress you out :).

I'm a slash/yaoi fan and would love anything in this vein. However, gen is also fine. I like happy endings even if there's a lot of angst before the end.

I don't like rape, betrayal, adultery.

On to the requests:

Daybreak (2008)
JP (Daybreak), William (Daybreak),
I'd like a happy ending fic with them. Future fic, pre break-up fic, whatever floats your boat. You can include other characters or keep it to just the two of them.

I don't watch a lot of Filipino movies even though I am Filipino. I watch a lot of gay-themed movies though and this is one of the movies that stuck with me. I recommend this if you're a fan of gay movies, especially Asian gay movies. However, this does not have a happy ending. I would like a fix-it for that. Anything else would be gravy.

IMDB page is here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1196140/. Wiki is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daybreak_(2008_film).

Please contact me (through the Yuletide mods most likely) if you can't find it.

Toy Story Series (Movies),
Andrew "Andy" Davis, Bonnie Anderson,
I'd love to read a future fic where they end up together. Please make Bonnie legal though if this is where you go :). Gen would also be great. I'd just like to see what these two are like a few years (or maybe a few decades) down the road.

I loved seeing Woody and Buzz and the rest of the gang. But I left the movie theater wanting to see more of Andy and Bonnie. I want them to end up together so that Andy can still play with Woody and the rest :). But really, any future fic with both of them would be great.

Top Chef RPF,
Bryan Voltaggio, Michael Voltaggio,
You can write incest fic or gen or AU where they're not brothers. I would just like to read about what happened to them after their season. Did they become closer? Did they drift apart? Did they fight? Did nothing change? Make it happy, make it angsty, up to you.

I used to have lines I didn't cross. Incest was one of them. Then Supernatural happened and Numb3rs. So, yes, I'd be very very very happy if you write me slash fic with these two. Incest isn't for everyone though and it may not be for you. Gen would therefore be fine or a slash AU where they're not brothers. What I would love to read about though is the power dynamics between these two. Bryan is only animated when talking about his brother. Michael seemed to think that his brother was his biggest competition. Given that the younger brother won, how does this affect their relationship? Or doesn't it?

Sherlock (TV) RPF,
Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch,
You can make it slash or keep it gen. I'd like to read behind-the-scenes fic but you can write anything featuring both of them and I'll be happy. Please not an AU though since I like them as they are.

I watched some behind-the-scenes videos of Sherlock BBC. Everyone ships Sherlock and John, it seems. But, they also talk about how Martin and Benedict have become good friends and how they play off of each other. I'd like to see more of that.

There you have it Yuletide writer. I hope my requests didn't scare you away from Yuletide :). I hope you enjoy the season and have fun writing for me. Thank you!


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