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I wish I had started watching The Sing-off season 3 earlier as I would have added this to my Yuletide nominations and requests.

Started watching The Sing-Off not because of them though, but because of the YellowJackets from the University of Rochester. They did a remake of Taylor Swift's video You Belong To Me but since they're an all-male group, instead of girl wants boy, it became boy wants boy and it's glorious! Will do another post about that.

But going back to the Aires, these are my favorites:

1. This is pre-Sing-off. According to the description on the video: The Dartmouth Aires sing "All the Above" by Maino ft. T-Pain at Winter Whingding 2010. Soloists are Michael "Nemo" Odokara-Okigbo and Henry "Tyco" Luehrman.

2. Sing-off performance 5: Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida. Ignore the description. I don't think the uploader likes the Aires. 

First two have some similarities, including the soloists. I could listen to these two over and over and over again.

3. Sing-off performance 6: Queen medley which is amazing! Again, ignore the description :).

I have loved all their performances so far and hope they win! The chemistry and group dynamics between them is also amazing to see. Makes me want to be an Aire too, even though I'm entirely the wrong gender!
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Just finished watching Eyeshield 21 episode 13.
spoilers )
I'm really looking forward to watching more ES21 episodes and reading the rest of the manga chapters.

Last entry for tonight. I really need to sleep before going to work.
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I watched Gundam Seed eps 1-7 this afternoon with a friend of mine...
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So, CSI Season Finale...the one Quentin Tarantino (spelling?) directed...

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I just watched the DVD version of Spriggan, oh, around 2 hours ago. WOOOHOOO! For sheer violence and gore, this anime rocks! But, if you're looking for plot development and character development, look somewhere else. But then again, what can you do with a 90 minute movie based on a 11-volume manga? Though the movie only focused on arc 2 of the manga, a lot of stuff was lost, most notably, character development. Makes me want to get all 11 volumes of the manga and read them. Ok ok, what makes Spriggan chock-full of yaoi goodness though? Well, the main character and his partner (?) are just, well, just a little too well-bonded, if yah know what I mean. I was watching the anime with my brother and my male cousin. And during scenes where one guy would save another (and they kept needing to save each other...the scrapes they got into) I was squirming in my seat with all the slashy subtext floating around. Of course, my cousin and my bro never noticed anything . But, once I got back home, I just had to see if there were any Spriggan yaoi fics...And lo and behold...yup, I found several . I'm going to be spending the next few hours reading thru some fics :D!

The long and short of it...would I recommend Spriggan? If you're a fan of hard-core violence, YUP!!! If you prefer plot development over action, go watch something else. If you're looking for another yaoi/slash fandom, you've come to the right place :).

Go on, shoo...go find Spriggan and watch!

Bye for now.

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