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I wish I had started watching The Sing-off season 3 earlier as I would have added this to my Yuletide nominations and requests.

Started watching The Sing-Off not because of them though, but because of the YellowJackets from the University of Rochester. They did a remake of Taylor Swift's video You Belong To Me but since they're an all-male group, instead of girl wants boy, it became boy wants boy and it's glorious! Will do another post about that.

But going back to the Aires, these are my favorites:

1. This is pre-Sing-off. According to the description on the video: The Dartmouth Aires sing "All the Above" by Maino ft. T-Pain at Winter Whingding 2010. Soloists are Michael "Nemo" Odokara-Okigbo and Henry "Tyco" Luehrman.

2. Sing-off performance 5: Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida. Ignore the description. I don't think the uploader likes the Aires. 

First two have some similarities, including the soloists. I could listen to these two over and over and over again.

3. Sing-off performance 6: Queen medley which is amazing! Again, ignore the description :).

I have loved all their performances so far and hope they win! The chemistry and group dynamics between them is also amazing to see. Makes me want to be an Aire too, even though I'm entirely the wrong gender!
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American Idol
I was thinking about American Idol this morning, on account of the fact that I'm excited to watch it tomorrow :D. I expected that Stevie would be eliminated, didn't like her performance, and just, well, didn't like her. She just had to make excuses that she didn't feel well blah blah blah when Ryan was talking with her after finding out she got eliminated. Becky, well, I expected to coast thru because of her looks, but, yeah, didn't like the way she sang and everything, so, happy that she's gone.

With the guys, I was a bit surprised that Patrick's out. I think that there are other guys who sing so much worse than he does. Case in point, Kevin Covais. But then again, I don't like Fantasia's voice. It reminds me of nails scraping across a chalkboard. But, a lot of people like her. So, either there's no accounting for taste, or I'm so not in touch with what most people think is good. I was all set to hate Ace, just coz he's so pretty :D...I remember Patrick saying that not all of them can be as pretty as Ace (oh yeah, my SLASH-dar pinged during that scene!) and I just have this thing about not liking it when people pimp out someone coz of their looks. But, Ace sang pretty well...The song just gave me the creeps though, I mean, it seemed pretty incestous (jeeze, am I spelling this right?). Or maybe I'm in that frame of mind because of Supernatural and Dean/Sam. But Ace was pretty hot (pretty and hot :D) singing that song. I liked Chris (can't spell his last name), but need to see if he can sing/shout anything other than rock. But yeah, looking forward to this season of American Idol.

I watched one of the episodes (the second episode of the first season, I think) of Project Runway last night. And shit, another RPS hot bed :D...There was a part where Robert (the seemingly straight gorgeous guy) and Austin (extremely visibly gay) had facial masks on and were joking around. Seems like Austin got Robert to put on the facial mask. And Robert, when he was interviewed, talked about what an interesting guy Austin is...so, yeah...did THAT ping my SLASH-dar. Other than that, I'm enjoying watching this show. The clothes look interesting, some look weird, but all pretty good. So far, I pretty much agree with the judges, except for the part where one of the judges said the dress Wendy made looked unfinished. It didn't seem like that to me. And well, I don't find Heidi Klum an effective host. She seems pretty wooden even when she's trying hard to sound/look enthusiastic.

Speaking about shows I watched last night, I also watched Bones. It was the Christmas ep called The Man in the Fallout Shelter or something like that. Reminded me of the game Fallout actually. Anyway, what I wanna know is, where are the Zack/Jack slash fics? This episode had them both taking a fast shower (ok, so they didn't show that), and in any other show (Sentinel, anyone), this would be the basis for a lot of fics. But in this show, nada. Couldn't even find ONE Zack/Jack slash fic! This reminds me of Nip/Tuck. I mean, we see a canon threesome with the two male leads and no fics based on that episode! Okay okay, I found one fic sometime ago, but I can't find it right now. On a purely superficial note, Jack is hot, Zack is pretty :D. I was surprised to find out that the actor playing Zack is older than the actress playing Bones. But, hey, you live and learn.

All in all, a productive night last night :D...Looking forward to new Supernatural episodes though.


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