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Title: Unexpected
Pairing: Shea Weber / Ryan Suter
Summary: Shea wasn’t expecting this when he woke up this morning.
Prompt: 7

On AO3

First non Yuletide fic \o/
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Epic! Carts can cook! He'd rather hang with Vinny than any of the Jersey Shore girls!

Link here.

Originally here.
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Who is the hockey equivalent of Lionel Messi?

"For me it is Crosby and Datsyuk. I only see Datsyuk as an opponent. But I can say a lot about Crosby because we are together at practices, I see him in the locker room, I see how he works very hard, how he is dedicated to hockey. And all of his victories, all of his awards came to him through the sweat and very hard work. He is very talented, but the way he works on himself — I don't think I have seen anyone who lives hockey like he does."

From a recent interview with Geno. The English translation is here. Check it out as he gives Bryz advice, talks about beer, the Conn Smythe watch and several other topics.

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Ask An Oiler: Jordan Eberle episode December 2011

Towards the end, Ebs says that Hallsy's going to join him and his family for Christmas. One of Ebs's family traditions is wearing the same Christmas pajamas. I really want pics/video/fic of Hallsy staying with Ebs and both of them wearing the same kind of pajamas!
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Pretty sure I found this via hockeypedia:

Interview with Cabbie where Jordy says Flower likes it via the backdoor and Flower tries to undress Jordy!
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Mainly posting on tumblr.

Still reading Sherlock fic but have been mainlining ice hockey RPF fromWill post recs when I've recovered from my stupor.


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