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I've been watching Canadian Idol via mjsbigblog and posted the following about ep 9:

Mark Day - enjoyable if I just listen and not watch him. Agree with Jake Gold/Farley that he wasn’t believable. He should just let his inner diva out instead of singing about girls.

Paul Clifford - His voice is a little too raspy for me. I do agree with Zach on this, he needs a bigger rock star persona. His voice and his looks don’t exactly match.

Drew Wright - I agree with whoever said he was a bit pitchy. He also needs to work on his performance. All in all, it was just ok for me.

Marie-Pierre Bellerose - Well, her idea of a fun song is way different from mine. She needs to stop over-thinking her performance while she’s performing.

Mookie Morris - I really really like Mookie. And it seems like he really knows how to play the guitar. He had some kind of an accent when he would sing “I know.” I’m not sure if that’s really the way he sings or because he’s kind of channeling the original singer.

Sebastian Pigott - Ok…is anyone else thinking of what Sebastian has 3 of? I like his pre-performance packages, he seems like a pretty intelligent guy. I really liked his performance. It was playful (to use his word) and sexy at the same time. It has to do with the way he looks at the audience. And using the guitar sparingly was actually pretty good here. I like his reply to Zach :D.

Martin Kerr - Liked this better than last week. The best part is what he said about Zach. I wonder what he thinks about Simon…

Lisa Bell - The opening seemed off. Not a fan of her or the musical genre, she’s just ok for me. Her saying “I tried” seemed off, like she tried to work around the song or something…but she picked it, so…

Gary Morrisette - During his pre-performance vid, I was thinking, if he’s been contained, I wonder what he’s like when he’s not… Well, his performance was a lot more contained than last week’s.

Amberley Thiessen - She has an interesting tone the song just isn’t my type.

I’ve liked Mookie and Sebastian since the auditions. That hasn’t changed :).

I also like Zach as a judge. Actually, all of them are a lot better than Randy and Paula. But that’s not saying much. In any case, the judges are refreshingly different from the AI judges.


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