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Thank you so much for signing up! I hope my requests don't stress you out :).

I'm a slash/yaoi fan and would love anything in this vein. However, gen is also fine. I like happy endings even if there's a lot of angst before the end.

I don't like rape, betrayal, adultery.

On to the requests:

Daybreak (2008)
JP (Daybreak), William (Daybreak),
I'd like a happy ending fic with them. Future fic, pre break-up fic, whatever floats your boat. You can include other characters or keep it to just the two of them.

I don't watch a lot of Filipino movies even though I am Filipino. I watch a lot of gay-themed movies though and this is one of the movies that stuck with me. I recommend this if you're a fan of gay movies, especially Asian gay movies. However, this does not have a happy ending. I would like a fix-it for that. Anything else would be gravy.

IMDB page is here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1196140/. Wiki is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daybreak_(2008_film).

Please contact me (through the Yuletide mods most likely) if you can't find it.

Toy Story Series (Movies),
Andrew "Andy" Davis, Bonnie Anderson,
I'd love to read a future fic where they end up together. Please make Bonnie legal though if this is where you go :). Gen would also be great. I'd just like to see what these two are like a few years (or maybe a few decades) down the road.

I loved seeing Woody and Buzz and the rest of the gang. But I left the movie theater wanting to see more of Andy and Bonnie. I want them to end up together so that Andy can still play with Woody and the rest :). But really, any future fic with both of them would be great.

Top Chef RPF,
Bryan Voltaggio, Michael Voltaggio,
You can write incest fic or gen or AU where they're not brothers. I would just like to read about what happened to them after their season. Did they become closer? Did they drift apart? Did they fight? Did nothing change? Make it happy, make it angsty, up to you.

I used to have lines I didn't cross. Incest was one of them. Then Supernatural happened and Numb3rs. So, yes, I'd be very very very happy if you write me slash fic with these two. Incest isn't for everyone though and it may not be for you. Gen would therefore be fine or a slash AU where they're not brothers. What I would love to read about though is the power dynamics between these two. Bryan is only animated when talking about his brother. Michael seemed to think that his brother was his biggest competition. Given that the younger brother won, how does this affect their relationship? Or doesn't it?

Sherlock (TV) RPF,
Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch,
You can make it slash or keep it gen. I'd like to read behind-the-scenes fic but you can write anything featuring both of them and I'll be happy. Please not an AU though since I like them as they are.

I watched some behind-the-scenes videos of Sherlock BBC. Everyone ships Sherlock and John, it seems. But, they also talk about how Martin and Benedict have become good friends and how they play off of each other. I'd like to see more of that.

There you have it Yuletide writer. I hope my requests didn't scare you away from Yuletide :). I hope you enjoy the season and have fun writing for me. Thank you!

Nadal Vid

Oct. 15th, 2008 12:49 pm
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Browsing the videos on the ATP site and came across this:

<embed link no longer works>

Interesting video, Federer, Murray, Moya, etc talk about Rafa. Interesting quote from Federer about the 2008 RG Final: "where he dominated me." ;)

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Watching the Nadal v Starace match. When the camera panned to the audience, I saw a kid wearing a Seigaku t-shirt :)!
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I've been watching Canadian Idol via mjsbigblog and posted the following about ep 9:

Mark Day - enjoyable if I just listen and not watch him. Agree with Jake Gold/Farley that he wasn’t believable. He should just let his inner diva out instead of singing about girls.

Paul Clifford - His voice is a little too raspy for me. I do agree with Zach on this, he needs a bigger rock star persona. His voice and his looks don’t exactly match.

Drew Wright - I agree with whoever said he was a bit pitchy. He also needs to work on his performance. All in all, it was just ok for me.

Marie-Pierre Bellerose - Well, her idea of a fun song is way different from mine. She needs to stop over-thinking her performance while she’s performing.

Mookie Morris - I really really like Mookie. And it seems like he really knows how to play the guitar. He had some kind of an accent when he would sing “I know.” I’m not sure if that’s really the way he sings or because he’s kind of channeling the original singer.

Sebastian Pigott - Ok…is anyone else thinking of what Sebastian has 3 of? I like his pre-performance packages, he seems like a pretty intelligent guy. I really liked his performance. It was playful (to use his word) and sexy at the same time. It has to do with the way he looks at the audience. And using the guitar sparingly was actually pretty good here. I like his reply to Zach :D.

Martin Kerr - Liked this better than last week. The best part is what he said about Zach. I wonder what he thinks about Simon…

Lisa Bell - The opening seemed off. Not a fan of her or the musical genre, she’s just ok for me. Her saying “I tried” seemed off, like she tried to work around the song or something…but she picked it, so…

Gary Morrisette - During his pre-performance vid, I was thinking, if he’s been contained, I wonder what he’s like when he’s not… Well, his performance was a lot more contained than last week’s.

Amberley Thiessen - She has an interesting tone the song just isn’t my type.

I’ve liked Mookie and Sebastian since the auditions. That hasn’t changed :).

I also like Zach as a judge. Actually, all of them are a lot better than Randy and Paula. But that’s not saying much. In any case, the judges are refreshingly different from the AI judges.

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Ookiku furikabutte - baseball anime/manga with canon handholding between the pitcher and the catcher (insert your own gay joke here :D)!
Gundam00 - even my guy friend says they're pandering to the yaoi fangirls...
Macross Frontier - when is ep2 coming out :(???
KKM - rewatching the eps. Is this shonen or shounen ai? Who can tell?
KKM R! - sadly, not R-rated
Yakitake Japan - total crack! Love Kuryonagi! And Mokoyama will always be in love with Manager :D!

My Boss My Hero - discovered TOKIO through this drama...Nagase is hot :D!

Reality TV
Project Runway
Make Me a Supermodel - Perry and Casey are hot together :D
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Wow! Just...wow!

Started watching Friday Night Lights because of this LJ post: http://thisisbone.livejournal.com/156674.html

I'm not even done with the 2nd episode and I just love this show! The characters are real, the scenes are well shot. This is the first show that I could believe is actually set in the "real world"!

Gotta admit though, I'm the type of person who immediately starts slashing characters even before watching the show. I was already thinking of Matt Saracen/Landry Clarke (best friends forever) and Tim Riggins/Brian Williams (mortal enemies). But after watching this show, I still like the BFF pairing, but I love Tim Riggins/Jason Street more! Tim played the vid of Jason Street getting hit, and started crying! I mean, the guys must feel something for Jason! And and and...he hated Brian sitting in Jason's booth! And, he said something to Jason about living on Jason's land and just...I can imagine these two together years from now...living together and LIVING together :D! I hope someone writes that fic! I want something like destina's Brokeback Mountain AU (Jack doesn't die) fic!

Tim seems like the type I'd like, he's got the long hair and gorgeous body and bad boy vibe going, but, amazingly enough, I LOVE Jason Street. He's injured and everything, and he's gotta be worried about his future, but he's still thinking of Tim Riggins, and Matt Saracen (who took his place on the team!), and disappointing the coach! I don't normally like the good guys, I mean, I hate Cyclops, I like Sepiroth more than Cloud, but I LOVE Jason Street.

Which, well, brings me to my next point, I hate the girls! At first, I liked Tyra's reaction to Lyla's clingy gf act, but, when she was so obviously not loyal to Tim (and how can she not be??? Could the guy not be that great in bed?), I just started not liking her. And then, there's Lyla...I got spoiled on a community about the fact that Tim and Lyla kiss, and I just...you're boyfriend's in the hospital and you're kissing other guys! Tim is more loyal than she is (OTP alert :D)! But hey, maybe I need to watch it in context. But, even without the kissing other guys part, I don't like the clingy gf thing she's got going. That pretty much turns me off.

I love the coach and his wife! It's nice to see an older couple who still love each other and are MARRIED TO EACH OTHER on tv! Not a lot of that on tv shows!

I love this show I already pimped it to two friends :)! I cannot believe more people are not watching this. Maybe it does need to be on a different network (CW ;) ) like moosesal said (http://moosesal.livejournal.com/292201.html).

Just an amazing show!


Sep. 20th, 2006 12:33 pm
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I've read the first two books in the Temeraire series over and over again :). And I still keep on finding new passages I like.

I'm glad Peter Jackson wants to make this into a movie. This I would definitely pay to watch! Wonder who they'll cast as Laurence though. By the time they do this, Russell Crowe might be too old :(.


Aug. 16th, 2006 11:36 pm
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Watched the first two eps of Genshiken! So, Kousaka has a "hot" girl running after him, and despite his collection of ero-games, he still seemed clueless. Made me wonder, hey, maybe I can slash him with Sasahara :D.


Jul. 6th, 2006 09:55 am
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Finished watching the last 11 episodes of Rahxephon last Tuesday...was a zombie all day at work, but it was worth it :D! The end left me wondering about the fate of some of the secondary characters though. Thinking about writing several fics to address that :).
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American Idol
I was thinking about American Idol this morning, on account of the fact that I'm excited to watch it tomorrow :D. I expected that Stevie would be eliminated, didn't like her performance, and just, well, didn't like her. She just had to make excuses that she didn't feel well blah blah blah when Ryan was talking with her after finding out she got eliminated. Becky, well, I expected to coast thru because of her looks, but, yeah, didn't like the way she sang and everything, so, happy that she's gone.

With the guys, I was a bit surprised that Patrick's out. I think that there are other guys who sing so much worse than he does. Case in point, Kevin Covais. But then again, I don't like Fantasia's voice. It reminds me of nails scraping across a chalkboard. But, a lot of people like her. So, either there's no accounting for taste, or I'm so not in touch with what most people think is good. I was all set to hate Ace, just coz he's so pretty :D...I remember Patrick saying that not all of them can be as pretty as Ace (oh yeah, my SLASH-dar pinged during that scene!) and I just have this thing about not liking it when people pimp out someone coz of their looks. But, Ace sang pretty well...The song just gave me the creeps though, I mean, it seemed pretty incestous (jeeze, am I spelling this right?). Or maybe I'm in that frame of mind because of Supernatural and Dean/Sam. But Ace was pretty hot (pretty and hot :D) singing that song. I liked Chris (can't spell his last name), but need to see if he can sing/shout anything other than rock. But yeah, looking forward to this season of American Idol.

I watched one of the episodes (the second episode of the first season, I think) of Project Runway last night. And shit, another RPS hot bed :D...There was a part where Robert (the seemingly straight gorgeous guy) and Austin (extremely visibly gay) had facial masks on and were joking around. Seems like Austin got Robert to put on the facial mask. And Robert, when he was interviewed, talked about what an interesting guy Austin is...so, yeah...did THAT ping my SLASH-dar. Other than that, I'm enjoying watching this show. The clothes look interesting, some look weird, but all pretty good. So far, I pretty much agree with the judges, except for the part where one of the judges said the dress Wendy made looked unfinished. It didn't seem like that to me. And well, I don't find Heidi Klum an effective host. She seems pretty wooden even when she's trying hard to sound/look enthusiastic.

Speaking about shows I watched last night, I also watched Bones. It was the Christmas ep called The Man in the Fallout Shelter or something like that. Reminded me of the game Fallout actually. Anyway, what I wanna know is, where are the Zack/Jack slash fics? This episode had them both taking a fast shower (ok, so they didn't show that), and in any other show (Sentinel, anyone), this would be the basis for a lot of fics. But in this show, nada. Couldn't even find ONE Zack/Jack slash fic! This reminds me of Nip/Tuck. I mean, we see a canon threesome with the two male leads and no fics based on that episode! Okay okay, I found one fic sometime ago, but I can't find it right now. On a purely superficial note, Jack is hot, Zack is pretty :D. I was surprised to find out that the actor playing Zack is older than the actress playing Bones. But, hey, you live and learn.

All in all, a productive night last night :D...Looking forward to new Supernatural episodes though.
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Just finished watching Eyeshield 21 episode 13.
spoilers )
I'm really looking forward to watching more ES21 episodes and reading the rest of the manga chapters.

Last entry for tonight. I really need to sleep before going to work.
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I watched Gundam Seed eps 1-7 this afternoon with a friend of mine...
spoilers )
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So, CSI Season Finale...the one Quentin Tarantino (spelling?) directed...

spoilers )
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I'm attending Japanese classes. It's actually a lot of fun. I can now look at the mangas I own and recognize some of the characters :D. Can't "read" yet, but, at least I now know how to look for the definition in the dictionary :D.

We've got a quiz this Saturday. I'm studying for it on and off. Gotta say, this is more interesting than the time I learned French in college. But then again, with Japanese, I can watch anime, read manga, play bl games (a new obsession). With French, not really.

My goal is to be able to read my mangas by December. That's when the class ends.

I've got a lot of reasons for attending the class:
1. Finally read all the mangas I bought in the past few years that I've never read. (I basically try to figure out what's happening by looking at the pictures and reading summaries online)
2. Watch raw anime and not have to wait for the subbed/dubbed version
3. Play BL games :D!

It's weird that all my reasons have to do with anime/manga. Or maybe, not really...

Oh well, learning Japanese is interesting and fun. And if it makes me understand one of my obsessions more, then al the better...

GW Quiz

Jun. 21st, 2005 09:11 am
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Which Gundam Wing character are you?

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My friend and I watched all 50 episodes of Gensomaden Saiyuki during the span of 2 Saturdays and 1 Sunday!  I'm now watching Saiyuki RELOAD and downloading Saiyuki RELOAD GUNLOCK. Obssessed much ;)?

When I had only watched a couple of episodes of the first series, my OTP was Gojyo/Goku.  After watching all 50 episodes, I can't see why I liked Gojyo/Goku so much before.  I'd say I like Gojyo/Hakkai, but, only in a pre-slash way.  I don't think they were sleeping together during Gensomaden, but maybe between Gensomaden and Reload, they do start sleeping together :D...I say not during Gensomaden because during the 49th or was it the 50th episode, they share a joke about the fact that this is the 2nd time Gojyo has to bring a man to his bed or something like that.

I'm not too fond of the Sanzo/Goku pairing, though.  It's probably because I feel the relationship is very unequal.  Sanzo seems to mostly treat Goku as a pet, an annoying but secretly loved pet.  And, well, I like my OTPs to be just about equal.  This does not mean that they should be the same in everything, but in that no one is treated as lower or higher than the other.  I mean, one can be smarter than the other, or one can be stronger, but in the end, they're still equal.  They should sort of balance each other out.  This is part of the reason I'm uncomfortable with Sanzo/Goku as a couple.  But, hey, if Goku becomes more mature, this might be a good pairing.

All in all, I liked Gensomaden better than ReloadGensomaden had more substance, at least in the sense of the villains.  Reload is more about their journey.  I'm already at episode 15 and I've mostly seen filler episodes, cute epidoses (especially the Hakuryu one), but mostly fluff. But, one thing that I like better in Reload is Gojyo's costume :)!

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My first, and so far, only MoB fic. I wrote this last year.

Fic here )
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Posting some old Youka Nitta wallpapers I made. Scans are from her artbook, Charisma.

1. Wet Dreams -> Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Wet Dreams 800x600
Wet Dreams 1024x768

2. Red Satin -> Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Red Satin 800x600
Red Satin 1024x768
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Ok, so it's not spring where I'm from, but, hey, intent's pretty much the same.

I was looking at some of my old fics, finished and unfinished. I've really got to finish some of them. I'm working on my first, and so far, only Hikago fic. Hopefully I can finish it by the end of this week. For one thing, I definitely want to move on to other fics.


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