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Combining 2 tumblr posts here:

The Hound initial reaction post:

MAJOR SPOILERS for Sherlock Season 2 episode 2

Lots of feelings about this ep.

Will watch it again for a more detailed follow-up but initial reactions/thoughts below:

  • 10 minutes in and so many good John!faces
  • 30 minutes in - cheekbones line from John about Sherlock's cheekbones! No, they're not gay at all. Note to self: I need to get the exact line.
  • Love seeing John showing his soldier side
  • Doctor!John!
  • Sherlock's reactions about 40 minutes in
  • John calling Sherlock "Spock" and Sherlock not having to ask who Spock is - Fanon: John totally made Sherlock watch Star Trek :). The question is, TOS or the reboot?
  • Friend line from Sherlock - sob sob sob
  • Is Sherlock playing John or not?
  • Swingers or voyeurs? Seriously?
  • The therapist is totally John's type and Sherlock knows this
  • Live-in PA - best description of John, Y/N?
  • Amazing shots of Sherlock on the moor
  • Violet shirt of sex makes an appearance
  • Friends - AAAWWW
  • Mystrade is totally canon!
  • Smart!John
  • Asperger's line - hmmm
  • Mind Palace - I've read this in a SG1 fic, I think
  • Thank God for Lestrade
  • Sherlock has totally experimented on John before, John didn't react as negatively as I thought he would if this was the first time. I've read this in fanfic!
  • Got to see a man about a dog! --> I've read this in fanfic!
  • WTF is with that last scene???

Watching this again later!

The Hounds of Baskerville Second Reaction Post


Watched it the second time with my friend. Initial reactions here. Additional comments below:

  • Forgot about the harpoon - Why is Sherlock covered in blood still sexy?
  • Manic!Sherlock going through nicotine withdrawal was funny and John's faces were the best :)
  • Sherlock's the one driving - compare this with the movie where Watson is the one usually driving
  • John and Sherlock being mistaken for lovers AND the bartender and his chef boyfriend
  • John picking up on Sherlock's cues - they've done this before
  • Did Franklin fake the paw prints or did Fletcher do it?
  • "Mycroft's name literally opens doors"
  • What makes John stay with Sherlock despite everything (being experimented on? getting insulted? etc)? My friend says it's because John is comfortable with his situation. What I think about this requires loads of fic :)
  • John getting cockblocked by Franklin.
  • Was Franklin playing with Henry (in Henry's house) or was that still the aftereffects of the drug?
  • Sherlock is really bad at apologizing (I think I've read this in a fic :D)
  • Sherlock doesn't know Lestrade's first name but John does
  • I thought John should have realized that there was something in the coffee
  • Lestrade looks good in casual clothes
  • Martin Freeman in that scene in the lab was amazing!
  • Bluebell! I want to see a glow-in-dark rabbit
  • Mind Palace - I like the concept but I would have preferred it if they showed him navigating a palace/library/maze/something instead of what they showed
  • There were certain instances that Sherlock looked like a robot or a conductor during the mind palace scene
  • I thought Henry's therapist was in cahoots with Franklin
  • Idon't like how they portrayed the hound in the end. Was the point to make it look CGI'd?
  • John was the only one who hit the dog - John is a marksman
  • Not good? I love that they keep on using this.
  • Sherlock doesn't understand sentiment

I want lots of werewolf fic after this episode :).

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